Cretan cuisine is globally considered as one of the healthiest. The local products are one of a kind, since their flavor, freshness and authenticity can definitely be found in every product you may taste. Being a place of special geomorphology with the rugged hills and the mild climate, Crete has developed a renowned tradition of offering heavenly products from its fertile and blessed soil. Fish, greens and herbs, vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, legumes, meat and ―of course― honey, raki and wines are what make the island esteemed by the whole world. However, olive oil is what truly and entirely characterizes Crete as a blessed place. Around thirty million olive trees produce this internationally recognized and award-winning elixir! The experienced locals will help you choose from dozens of natural gifts, whereas they will let you taste the divine flavors of Crete which nowadays combine tradition with modernity, resulting to some of the most mouthwatering and life-saving food you have ever tasted!