When we decided to build the Elounda Olea Villas and Apartments, we could not help but imagine what kind of residence we, as visitors, would be contented with. Being a family of architects and engineers and having Crete as our homeland, we always have in mind what satisfies people the most. Hence, the villas in Elounda, along with the apartments in Elounda, were designed and constructed under the auspices... of plain luxury and indulgent functionality. Our villas and apartments in Elounda, one of the most blessed places on Crete, make for a most suitable destination for your holidays on the biggest island in Greece, whether you are a family wishing to spend some quality time with their members, a lovely couple looking for some unforgettable romantic moments, or a group of friends planning to make their holidays an enduring memory. The vast Cretan Sea with the paradisiacal waters, the infinite Greek sky with the numerous shades of azure, the green surroundings, and the local hospitality will undeniably host your favorite vacations so far, whereas our residence will certainly house your... Greek Dream!replica watches